Open Trackback Friday

Every Friday I will try to have an Open Trackback article.

From the Open Trackback Alliance FAQ:

The entire concept is to encourage bloggers to showcase their best recent articles on other blogs which may not otherwise recognize or know about their works.

Open Trackback Alliance members have agreed to create an open article at least once a week, which anyone can create a link to their own blog articles…

So link up your best article. Let’s see what you’ve got. 🙂

5 replies on “Open Trackback Friday”

Am I Supposed to be Scared?

Yeah yeah yeah, Osama is out and speaking via soundbite over Aljazeera airwaves… how brave.

Oh, but if we just let bygones be bygones he’ll come out of his cave and re-build Afghanistan and Iraq for us… besides we don’t want our troops there; …

RNC Votes Today on Resolution Against Guest Worker

A deep split within the Republican Party over immigration policy is now reaching into the highest levels of the GOP machinery, as members of the Republican National Committee, which typically operates in lock step with the White House, are poised to …

Turn on that TV

I love TV. I watch a lot of it and what I can’t watch I tape so that I’m able to watch it later. In a given week I watch the West Wing, Las Vegas, Gilmore Girls, Scrubs, E-Ring, Lost, Alias, My Name is Earl and The Office and if Arrested …

The Daily Brew (06.0127)

Friday’s Brew – Flavor du Jour: The State of Government, “Reform Government: Pay Congress More” by Adam, Special Corresblogdent from
Adam’s Blog: “In the light of the Abramoff scandal, there are many calls for reform. However, rather than …

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