Patriot Guard Riders – Americans Doing the Right Thing

God bless the Patriot Guard Riders. These All-American bikers attend the funerals of our fallen heroes and shield the grieving families from idiot protestors. Motorcyclists shield mourners from protesters by JASON STEIN ( of the Wisconsin State Journal When Greg “Mac” MacDonald of Manchester heard about protests at the funerals of fallen Wisconsin soldiers, he […]

Creepy radio transmissions from Saturn

Original story: Saturn’s radio emissions could be mistaken for a Halloween sound track. That’s how two researchers describe their recent findings, published in the July 23 issue of the Geophysical Research Letters. Their paper is based on data from the Cassini spacecraft radio and plasma wave science instrument. The study investigates sounds that are not […]

MLK day.

Well, the trash man and the mail man took Martin Luther King, jr. Day off, so I did, too. I watched “It’s Martin Luther King Day Charlie Brown” (so offensive, so hilarious) and thought about who he was. Was he a marxist? Maybe. Did he help further the civil rights movement. Sure. Has the civil […]


This years MOTY Award goes to… …Oh, this is no surprise, Cindy Sheehan. She is not considered the Moron of the Year because she lost her hero of a son but because she continually shames him in the typical moonbat way and protests that for which he willingly gave his life. Sheehan was the founder […]