Happy birthday, Marky!!!

Today is little Mark’s birthday! 🙂
Happy 9th birthday

Marky. 9 years old

I couldn’t take any more pics because he refuses to wear clothes. If he keeps his pants on for 10 minutes straight, I consider it a good day. 😆

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Family look alikes

If you click on one of the pictures you can see who you look like.


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Best father’s day gift

Me and little Mark went to pick up grandma’s pictures at the Wal★Mart. He was unusually calm and not running to the toy aisle. Such a good boy!

On the way out there was a shriner asking for donations and little Mark looks at him, points at me and says “Hello, this is my best friend daddy!” 😀

He got the dreaded public hugs. 😉

Marky in some ugly camo pants

I can’t imagine a better father’s day gift!

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A gift from Mom

Today day my Mom gave me a nice present. She let me upgrade her iMac from OS 9 (with IE/Mac as her default browser) to OS X (with Safari).

Mom and change do not go together very well but she took to OS X quite well. That 400MHz G3 was partying like it was 1999. Yeah, the old Lime Green is kinda old but it’s served her well (it served me well, too, before it was her’s).

Now that she’s using Safari everyone around the world can stop hacking their web pages to work for IE/Mac. I’m pretty sure she was the last person on earth using it.

If anyone out there is actually still using IE/Mac please read this.

Thanks Mom. I’m proud of you.