A new guru

It seems today that I was given the distinct honor of being named one of the New Guru’s for css creator.

I am humbled and grateful and I suppose now I am actually going to have to learn what this CSS thing really is. 😆

Thanks to Tony for the finest learning forum online!

I’ve had enough. Too many jerks and not enough thanks or help. Four or five guys actually helping people that take the help and split, never to be seen again. Noobs calling out the long-timers. Braggarts that can’t accept that they may be doing something incorrectly. Insults and other childish reactions. I did receive a thank you once or twice but the overwhelming amount of abuse just sent me out. On top of all that I usually ended up helping some guy that fancied himself a web designer because he accidentally bought a copy of dreamweaver. It didn’t bother me until I saw the jobs these guys were getting paid to do. Big jobs. Given to someone that can’t do that job unless I help them. Help I was expected to give for free. Being a moderator I could delete users from the site. Today I exercised that right on myself. I know Tony and the moderators mean for it to be a site for helping but the takers and abuser ruin it. I wish you the best Tony. Good luck to you, along with Hugo, Gary, Tyssen, Chris, Deuce and Ed Seedhouse.