Let me check my calendar

OK, this is 2008. I know there are tons of hack web designers out there that bought a copy of dreamweaver but please give me a break. Hey, I’m not against hacks, I mean someone’s got to do pages for $10 or else the bait shop won’t ever get a web site. I just want to help you not look completely incompetent.

I have my speakers on because I sometimes like to listen to music when I’m working. A lot of other people do, too. When I go to a web page I. DO NOT. WANT. The accursed thing to scream at me or play me a flourish or orchestral hit. Sometimes I have my speakers on at night when others in the house are sleeping and that’s not only unprofessional, it’s just not courteous.

So please, since for some reason you refuse to do away with your stupid, worthless, out of date since 1997 splash pages at least get rid of the idiotic automatic sound. That is, of course, unless you enjoy being a laughing stock and enjoy your marvelous hit counter to remain at one visit (from your mother, she’s the only one that would bother to look).

I was going to post links to offending pages but the last 5 I ran across have been from the same “web design” company. 🙄