The possibility of leaving .NET behind

I’ve been rather happy with ASP.NET and especially with ASP.NET MVC. I’ve got to say that C# and especially Linq is just a plain pleasure to use. I have no issues with the programming side. Ever since I’ve gone from running my own Windows Server to using shared hosting it’s been one headache after another. Getting permissions set on a folder is like pulling teeth. Getting the host to set trust levels is more teeth pulling. Have an issue with a web app? I’m running out of teeth!

Comparing PHP to C# is sort of laughable. I really don’t like the syntax. I’ve actually gone so far as to avoid PHP by trying Ruby on Rails because it was suggested because the MVC architecture is supposedly similar to ASP.NET MVC. I’ve got to say that Ruby on Rails is just one hot mess. I can’t stand using any of the editors and using the console to generate a simple controller takes so long that I lose interest by the time it’s ready. The “Ruby way” is just nuts, too. The ability or desirability of putting the condition at the end makes absolutely zero sense. What is the difference between “if this occurs, do this” and “do this if this occurs”? Asking for help about Ruby on Rails online is like shouting in the desert. All the forums are dead. No replies. It was once suggested that I get on IRC for Ruby on Rails help. Really? IRC? Maybe I should just hook up a CB Radio while I’m at it. Better brush up on my ten-code.

I currently pay for shared hosting on an Apache server and I’ve had maybe 2 issues totaling half an hour, if that. My shared Windows server constantly gives up and shuts down AppPools refusing to spool them up in a timely fashion. Getting crawled by Google and Bing at the same time just brings the server to it’s knees and I get emailed error reports at least weekly.

Basically, I’ve traded my “WHAT IN BLAZES” moments in programming for “WHAT IN BLAZES” moments in hosting. I can control my confusing moments so I’m strongly considering getting back into PHP and leaving the issues behind. I’ve been fighting it because of all the time and money invested in learning .NET and purchasing Visual Studio but I think in the long run to cut the Windows Server service and go back to Apache will make more sense.

I’ve got to give Microsoft a whole lot of kudos for Visual Studio. It really is that good. They also deserve applause for LINQ, it’s wonderful. In the end though, if I can’t keep a site rolling properly, and I can’t easily add a site to the block list (.htaccess makes this so very simple) then I’m just going to say goodbye and take the other path and relax.