Prophecy through Mark Barclay 7/18/2000

Supernaturally, I’m going to penetrate the perimeters that Satan has built around your life. Get ready for me to break through, you’re looking for a breakthrough, but I’m telling you I’m going to break through. And I’m going to reach you right where you are at and there is not an evil spirit or all of them put together that can stop me!

My hand is on you to bless you, to grow you, to equip you, to anoint you and to make you the son that I’ve always wanted you to be. Your hearts in doing that, the Lord says, you’ve just had some major interruptions. And the Lord says he wants you to stop taking credit for most of them. Sure, you’ve blown it once or twice…who hasn’t? But the Lord says you’ve been victimized as much as you’ve done anything wrong. You’re not subject and responsible to what other people do that’s goofy. Did you hear me? I said goofy. Like in GOO-FY!

But the Lord says, your day of stabilization has come upon you. You’re going to pick your chin up, put your shoulders back and march like a soldier of the cross and obey me!

Here comes that anointing…give me 3 holy men to pray over this brother, c’mon…

[tongues] everybody pray, c’mon…

[tongues] yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, fix it and repair it. Advance and promotion. In his life/on him. In the name of Jesus, help him, help him Lord with tomorrow.

[tongues] In the name of Jesus…in the name of Jesus.


Prophecy through Gary Brooks 6/11/2000

Lord, I just thank you for Mark. Lay anointed hands on this man of God. We thank you, Lord, for what you’ve accomplished in his life.

And the Lord says, ‘Son, I’m giving you a financial grace. I’m giving you an economic/evangelistic anointing,’ says the Lord. ‘I’m giving you revelation and understanding in the realm of material blessings.’ And the Lord says, ‘You’re going to teach my people and feed my people. And I have put a crown of favor upon you, and wisdom and strategy and a spirit of excellency and I’m raising you up just like I did with Daniel and I did with Joseph,’ says the Lord. ‘And you’re going to teach revelation and you’re going to impart anointing unto my people. You’re going to teach them what it is to manage money and manage finances. And you’re going to put structure into their life and blessing into their life. And I’m going to have finances flowing into you and flowing through you,’ says the Lord. ‘And I am going to cause creative ideas to come in you.’ And, yea, the Lord says, ‘I’ve got business connections in your life that you don’t even know about that I’m going to work in you and through you,’ And the Lord says, ‘You’re going to associate and you’re going to relate to people in corporate executive positions as well.’ And the Lord says, ‘Because of your tenderness.’

And, yea, the Lord says, ‘You’re going to be involved in Christian business networks as well, and you’re going to pray.’ And, yea, the Lord says, ‘You’re going to be a vital tool in my kingdom, you’re going to prophesy the word of the Lord, you’re going to win souls into my kingdom,’ says the Lord. ‘You’re going to get people baptized in the Holy Ghost. Because I put you on the anvil and I’ve been making the man, and I’ve been preparing you, and I have chosen you out of the furnace of affliction for such a time as this.’ And the Lord says, ‘I’m raising you up to be a leader among my people, and a servants heart is getting ready to expand.’ And, yea, the Lord says, ‘The ministry of helps is going to come forth in your life, and you’re going to be an example unto many what it is to serve.’

And we bless Mark, Father. In Jesus’ name. Amen. Amen. Amen.