The silent church

Every time I ask a question of my church friends that is deeper than “does God love me?” it’s as if the authorities called for radio silence. I’ve never once got a reply to a religious question. Quite frankly, I’ve had it with baby church.

Libertarianism and Christianity …

While looking up information on Strymon pedals I stumbled across a blog concerning playing guitar in a church worship band. In my current church a few members have stated their liberal leanings and one complimented me on being civil in my staunch capitalist/constitutionalist, freedom loving facebook posts. I’m wondering how they would respond to the… Continue reading Libertarianism and Christianity …

Working on Bible Verse Tags for ASP.NET (C#)

To do: build Regex to detect bible verses in tags put in named back-references find a way to choose different tables with LINQ make it work for an entire chapter add error messages move it to a class file instead of in the page run it from the filterText method if IndexOf(“[bible]”) !=-1 fix toVerse… Continue reading Working on Bible Verse Tags for ASP.NET (C#)

Why I don’t do xmas

It involves lying. Do you tell your children “if you’re good Santa will bring you presents”? That’s a lie. Do you tell your children that Santa exists? That’s a lie. Do you tell your children that Santa actually flies in a sleigh and delivers gifts? That’s a lie. It encourages children to lie. “Yes, I… Continue reading Why I don’t do xmas

Happy passover

[bible]Luke 22:19-20[/bible] The New Covenant Passover is a memorial of the death of Jesus Christ as the true Passover Lamb. We eat the broken bread and drink the wine in remembrance (re-enactment) of the sacrifice of His beaten body and shed blood.

Be Berean

With the recent celebration of valentine’s day at the church I attend, I once again sit wondering why pagan rituals are not only accepted but openly celebrated in a church that is supposed to separate themselves from the practices and customs of the world. [bible]2 Corinthians 6:16-17[/bible] Including christmas, easter, halloween and Sunday “sabbath”, I… Continue reading Be Berean

Bible verse tags 2.0

See here for more information on the new version of the Bible verse tags. I hope that this plugin can be used to spread the good news throughout the earth. Let me know if you need any help installing it. [bible=kjv]John 3:16[/bible] [bible=asv]1 John 1[/bible] [bible=dansk]1 Mosebog 3:12[/bible] [bible=luther]Kol 3:1-3[/bible] Trackbacked to: Open Trackback @… Continue reading Bible verse tags 2.0

Swan Songs – In Search of the Staffstone

Swan Songs – In Search of the Staffstone “A blast of fire roared toward him. The clothes on his back burst into flames. Kyle dove into the river… The dragon dove into the river…” Swan Songs In Search of the Staffstone A Christian children’s fantasy-adventure story about… An archaeologist uncle responsible for two world wars—maybe… Continue reading Swan Songs – In Search of the Staffstone

Prophecy through Gary Brooks 9/11/2000

Lord, I just thank you for Mark. And we bless Mark right now. And the Lord says, “Son, I’ve put a business mantle on your life.” And the Lord says, “I’m going to school you and I’m going to activate you. I’m going to season you. I’m going to have you in business association of… Continue reading Prophecy through Gary Brooks 9/11/2000