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Samantha Burns
Samantha Burns has posted her Ten Commandments of Blogging

Number 10 is my favorite:
Thou shalt make an attempt to use proper grammar and spelling.

All of these “commandments” are necessary if you intend for anyone to take you seriously. This all reminds me of my first blog entry which happened before I knew about proper blog software (I used phpBB with a portal page :roll:). Here it is:

Trouble in Blogland


I think there may be 3 good blogs on all the internets and the rest are yours. Of those three, two of them are by the same person (I recognized the canine photographs). *note – Rachel Lucas and Blue Eyed Infidel now seem to be defunct and The Crazy Rants of Samantha Burns and Diane’s Stuff have replaced them in my life.

Let me ask the rest of you some questions. Help me understand. Do you really believe that the world needs to know how much you drank last weekend or about your wonderful sun-shiny day or about the person for whom you have genital tremblings? (They won’t read your blog either because you’re creepy and weird and probably a stalker.)

If I read another story that starts “I don’t know what to write today…” I am most likely going to snap and start building a fallout shelter in the back yard. Here’s a hint for you, if you don’t know what to write, write NOTHING! If you have nothing to say, say NOTHING! If you have no life, start a blog.

Perhaps the neo-bloggers (I think if you put "neo" in front of a word it makes it a label of shame, at least that’s what it seems to have become, at least that is how I am using it right there) think they should post their experiences because they are unique. Well, they are unique, just like everyone else. The difference between the good blogs and yours is the good bloggers are unique in their own way. Imagine that. Having something original to say or observing the world in a comedic way should be a requisite but unforutunately it is rare.

Oh, another thing:

Nobody cares. That the American elections. Didn’t go. Your way!

Really! America elected the President again, getting over it is the only mature and sane thing you could possibly do. THE ONLY! (Besides John Kerry is creepy and weird and probably a stalker.)

If I read another story that starts “America, what have you done?” or “I can’t believe it…” or “We’re sorry terrorists…” I AM going to snap and start building a fallout shelter in the back yard. I have a shovel and I know how to use it.

I must say that the blog is not the worst political forum, that honor goes to the music industry. Do rock stars really think that people listen to them? Well, let’s look:

Bush: 286 electoral votes / Kerry: 252 electoral votes

Ooh, sorry Bruce Springsteen. Sorry Queensryche. I’ll bet your distribution companies wish they had put a clause in your contracts barring you from alienating over half of your audience. Just raise your fist, blame Bush and fade into anonymity. Before you go, could you do me a favor? Take the computer away from Barbra Streisand’s butler. I don’t even want to be tempted to read the blog she makes him type.

How to cut your customer base in half

It is one thing for a regular guy/gal to post their political leanings online for all to see but completely another thing for a professional company to do it and openly, as a company, support one candidate over another. Well, you can do it but you are going to alienate half of your customer base (slightly more than half if you endorse a democrat/slightly less than half if you endorse a republican/nobody will listen or care if you endorse the green party).

The Portland, Oregon based Leatherman Tool Group, Inc. comes to mind. When news (*note – it seems that has pulled this news story from their archives) of Tim Leatherman throwing his company’s name into the Kerry campaign hat hit the sportsman forums an email campaign of sorts began. Come on, really. A company that builds tools for hunters and other sportsmen supporting a candidate with a 100% anti-gun voting record? *sigh* Not too smart if you ask me. Now, I am not saying (nor was anyone on the sportsman forums) that the president of a company can not have a political leaning, nor am I saying that he can not give his own money to one party or another but to put the company name on an endorsement is just asking for trouble for himself and his employees.

Add to the mix a few snide email replies, blaming “boycotters” for making the “employees suffer” and a right-wing conspiracy theory and you have gone from political leaning to mad rambling.

The truth of the matter is you can say anything you want. So can everybody else (which is unfortunate for those that read blogs). You are free to endorse a candidate with your company. You are also free to go broke. When people speak with their dollars is when companies should listen. Taking a “so be it” attitude instead shows that you don’t care for the customers or your employees.

Along with companies, professional individuals with blogs often fall into the same category. All too often these otherwise intelligent individuals will post a link to an extreme radical’s webpage. It is some sort of intellectual schizophrenia as I would consider some of those I read pure genius in one area and completely out of touch in another as if two separate people are writing at the same time.

There you have it. My first blog entry from April 14th, 2005. I figured that the Kerry camp would have let this go by now. Fat chance, huh?

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  1. Yes! Good spelling helped me to get the job that I just got today! 100% on the spelling test. The bossman said I’m a better speller than he is, hehe. BTW, I’m blogrolling ya!

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