Shameless self promotion, ahoy!

Recently, I have been honored by a few other blogs. All of them I admire greatly and are on my “daily reads” list.

The first was by Diane’s Stuff. Generally, Diane always mentions me or thanks me or sends me holiday e-cards. Thanks Diane! 🙂

Next, was by Third World County (not “Country” :lol:) in the post Most under-read blogs/ Monday Open Post.

I’ll try to remember to feature one under-read blog a week on Monday. Now, the blog featured might be relatively new, might have been around a while, might have two or three readers a day or two or three thousand readers a day. My criteria won’t be concerned with actual numbers of readers as of this time, but with the number of readers who IMO ought to be flocking to the blog. IOW, the site features great blogging that deserves the widest audience possible.

And I’ll only mention one a week, ‘K?

Here’s this week’s: Imagine Kitty. Mark’s site is a joy to behold. It’s beautifully designed and easy to read. So there’s nothing to make getting to the content difficult or painful.

And the content. *sigh* From his series, “Why I am the way I am” (See Part I and Part II) to his blogging tips (see his posts on a WordPress trackback issue) and his interpretation (with examples) of Samantha Burns’ blogging commandments, Mark’s posts exhibit a range and quality that really deserve all the readership he can get, IMO.

Drop by any of the posts linked for a taste. You’ll find it’s like eating peanuts: ya can’t eat (read) just one.

Wow! Thanks David. I really appreciate that very much.

And last, but certainly not least on The Crazy Rants of Samantha Burns I received the great honor of having one of my articles posted as a guest blogger. My article Unmarried Couple Or Hippies? was published just the morning.

Thanks to all of you for the great honors you have given. Feels like family. 🙂

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  1. Welcome to the neighborhood, you will find the Blogs associated with Samantha Burns, to be interesting, thought provoking and extremely friendly always willing to welcome a new face and add it to their blogrolls, which I just did with you.

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