PA House Bill 760 Must Be Stopped

House Bill 760

  • Creates a statewide registry of guns.
  • Requires gun owners to renew their registration annually and pay $10 per gun per year.
  • Requires gun owners to be fingerprinted, undergo a background check and carry a registration card – with the owner’s photograph – with the gun at all times.

Gun registries have been tried in the past and have failed. Gun laws do not hinder criminal activity but only put undue burden on law abiding citizens who happen to collect, enjoy or hunt with guns.

PA Residents…get involved! Say NO to more useless gun laws.

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  1. get 100 percent compliance from all the criminals in Pennsylvania on gun registration first. don’t create more criminals out of law abiding people with house bill 760. what did you plan to do with all the revenue anyhow? the revenue you would count on would obviously drop when people get rid of guns because they can’t afford to keep them. would you then use the declining gun revenue issue as an excuse to try and raise other taxes? the legislators in Philadelphia area who sponsored this bill 760 don’t deserve re-election. they wouldn’t like it if the legislators from rural areas of the state tried to force legislation on the urban areas that would hurt the cities and benefit us here in the rural areas. for instance, require Philadelphia to take care of its own garbage instead of trucking it to the rural areas. we need less government from the type of people who sponsored bill 760. maybe we should require by law each legislator to publicly account for each and every piece of legislation they sign on. their photographs should appear in papers and on web sites and on television stations when their sponsored legislation makes the news. that way we would have a truly better educated public on all issues. and legislators should have to pay from their own pocket, not from vouchered tax funded accounts, to provide this mandated accountability and transparency to the media as a means of being truly accountable to the people they serve.

  2. Even if this stupid idea were feasable, why should the taxpayers pay a registration fee. Your paying the state so that you can give them all your gun information? Go ahead and try it. I hope there is an online registration site so it is easier for criminals to register all of their firearms. The feds and local governments almost seem as if they wish to torment law abiding citizens into submission on these bogus gun control laws. If you just browsed through house bill 760, take a look a little closer. This bill was deliberately formatted in a way that makes it appear to be just a gun registration bill, but read further and there is much more at stake then just a registration. I wish our gov’t would do things constructive like fix healthcare, balance budgets, and let the Americans that pour their sweat and blood out every day to keep this country rolling enjoy the freedoms THAT “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” – yeah right.

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