Last Comic Standing rundown

Esther Ku – Rarely funny but the jokes that hit make you LOL. Eliminated at first face to face.

God’s Pottery – fricken hilarious but a one trick pony. You only need to see it once. Eliminated at first face to face.

Iliza Shlesinger – I love her. I hope she wins. I think she tells jokes. If she want’s me to laugh for her I will. Just tell me what to do Iliza. Return my calls! Winner of first face to face.

Adam Hunter – douchebag.

Marcus – impressionists never make me laugh and I can never figure out who they are trying to copy. Why is it supposed to be funny to act like someone else? His regular jokes are good the impressionism thing is ancillary at best.

Jeff Dye – funny-ish. Not the best I’ve heard but not the worst on this season. He’s cute. Girls will vote for him.

Jim Tavare – very funny but very dry. It’s almost like you already have to get him to want to bother to get him.

Louis Ramey – definitely makes me laugh every time. Seems like a decent soul. The others will eat him and try to pretend they never heard his name. If they don’t he will probably win.

Ron G – Yawn. Meh. Feh!

Paul Foot – Funny but doesn’t translate well. I hope he sticks around for a few episodes because I enjoy his act.

Seán Cullen – something decent from canada. I didn’t think it was possible. Some of his jokes don’t hit right away but when you finally process them, ZAM!

That’s the lineup for Last Comic Standing this year. It’s probably the best reality show because you’re supposed to laugh at it because it’s funny, not because it’s sad and pitiful.

Oh, wait. There is one more. Some schmuck named Papa BJ or Papa Dildo or Schlongrod CJ or something stupid. He’s the kind of comic you want to just punch in the face. Not because he insults you but because he’s so unfunny that a shattered frontal process is in order. Yeah, yeah. We get it. You’re from India, even our comedy is out-sourced, yadda yadda yadda. I hope he’s eliminated quickly. Not by the competition but by the mafia or gang violence or something equally satisfying.