Blow by blow – Last Comic Standing

Iliza Shlesinger – I love you more than last week because you helped me to never see Blahblah RJ ever again. Thank you. I swear I’ll listen to your jokes either next time or the time after. Winner of the second face to face and eliminator of 4 bad comics.

Adam Hunter – he also would have won a face to face against Paul Foot and Raja JJ.

Marcus – had a good run at the challenge. Nice work.

Jeff Dye – Obvious and rightful winner of the props challenge. By the way, dingle. The Spartans fought the Persians at the battle of Thermopylae, not the Egyptians.

Jim Tavare – I don’t think he did anything this week. :shrug:

Louis Ramey – Still my pick for the finals.

Ron G – Yawn. Meh. Feh!

Paul Foot – I thought he had a good run at it. Just didn’t hit with the fast paced audience. In his honor I’ve eliminated hallways from this and every future house I ever live at. Eliminated by Iliza at the second face to face. If you were still around I’d tell you to please quit challenging her.

Seán Cullen – Going to finish with Louis Ramey. I’m sure of it. He rants with the best of the ranters. His violent diatribes give me an unmentionable joy. I may be changing my mind by thinking he could beat Louis Ramey. I won’t vote for him because he makes me turn my TV down and I’m not all about getting out of the big chair after 7:00 PM. Well, I might vote for him if he gets in a fist fight with Ron G. Ron G bleeding from either or both eye sockets and lying unconscious in a pool of his own intestinal fluids would be the funniest and most entertaining thing he’s done so far. Seán, be a friend to your fellow comedian and help him in his career by beating him to a bloody sack of broken bones. Thanks pal.

Some guy I forget – I was really hoping for an announcement that the anonymous one got caught under the bus or got thrown out the window by Paul Foot instead of the nerf gun. Unnecessarily mean spirited at the end of his set and it cost him. He may have won had he not been such a jerk. That would have been unfortunate. Same lame jokes over again. You lose. Hooray! Eliminated by my sweet love, Iliza. You know, the one that Mr. Nobody said was not a strong commedian. Too bad one of Seán Cullen’s outbursts didn’t come to fruition in your direction.