Last Comic Standing – The voting begins!

Marcus – winner of the challenge, immunity and a guaranteed spot in the finals at Las Vegas. It was a terrible challenge and I wouldn’t have been surprised if the “judges” had picked Abe Vigoda as the winner.

Iliza Shlesinger – Hi Iliza. 😀 How are you? *ahem* Claims to have written fresh material. I don’t know if it was or not. I will listen next time if possible. Iliza received 5 votes from me

Adam Hunter – He did alright. His delivery reminds me of the comic styling of Tony Orlando and Dawn (gah). Struggles a bit. Not comfortable. No votes from me.

Jeff Dye – He was funny and quirky today. He did a great 3 minutes. Still, no votes from me.

Jim Tavare – I don’t think he did anything this week. :shrug: Zero votes from me.

Louis Ramey – He’s so comfortable on stage. So personable. Definitely going to the top 2. 1 vote from me

Ron G – Yawn. Meh. Feh!

Seán Cullen – They say that people with more than a 30 point difference in their IQs will have difficulty communicating with each other. This was proven during the bed time challenge except I think there was more in the way of 72 IQ points difference. I laughed the whole time but he used words that contained more than 4 letters so I think he should have used a translator. If the need arises I have a friend that can help:
Mr. Jigglenuts
Seán’s performance in the standup portion was excellent. I gave Seán 4 votes because I believe if there’s going to be any violence on the show it will come from the mighty fists of Seán Cullen. I look forward to a severe beating very soon. Perhaps a great pummeling upon the face of Jeff Dye. I don’t hate Jeff Dye but I don’t like him enough to pass up on the joy I’d receive in seeing an incredible facial massacre.