A fake iPod

For those of you that still insist on using ebay I’d suggest caution when purchasing an “iPod” from ebay.

Counterfeit Official iPod
fake iPod real iPod
There is a little apple logo and the word “iPod” at the bottom of the screen I don’t see that logo on the real iPod
fake iPod real iPod
Memory and processor chip at top (behind screen) Memory and processor at bottom near connector
fake iPod real iPod
Fake iPod battery is about ¼ the size of the battery in the official iPod Official iPod battery takes up most of the space in the case.
A screw held the plate on the back of the counterfeit iPod (sorry, I forgot to take pics) I don’t think the real iPod has any external screws
Non-functional counterfeit iPod has an hourglass icon Non-functional real iPod has either a warning triangle icon with an exclamation point in it or a sad faced iPod logo