Firebug primer by Hugo

For those that are not aware Firebug is a add-on for Firefox, and is essentially a development debugging tool, that allows you to inspect various aspects of a web page. It has become – for those that have used it for a while – one of those indispensable tools that make day to day coding… Continue reading Firebug primer by Hugo

FPDF.asp carriage return / line feed in MultiCell

Recently I was given the task of printing address labels from a database using Avery 5160 labels. These labels are 3 columns of 10 rows. 2.625″ x 1″ (66.6mm x 25.4mm). I was having trouble with carriage returns. First problem is that the ASP version of FPDF doesn’t seem to recognize the \n line feed.… Continue reading FPDF.asp carriage return / line feed in MultiCell

Bible verse tags 2.0

See here for more information on the new version of the Bible verse tags. I hope that this plugin can be used to spread the good news throughout the earth. Let me know if you need any help installing it. [bible=kjv]John 3:16[/bible] [bible=asv]1 John 1[/bible] [bible=dansk]1 Mosebog 3:12[/bible] [bible=luther]Kol 3:1-3[/bible] Trackbacked to: Open Trackback @… Continue reading Bible verse tags 2.0