Prophecy through Mark Barclay 8/12/2002

Mark! Powerful name. God bless our mothers. (That your mama? Good choice mom. Praise God.)

Uh, you know, I don’t know what your life has been like so much but you know some names are dangerous. You know Mark means “Mighty Hammer”, so hope you haven’t spent as many years as I have beating things and hammering things and going after things.

Mark, the Lord says, “Supernatural help from heaven is coming upon you now.” Now, don’t over-interpret this, but the Lord says, “An angel is being dispatched to deal with issues and circumstances, because there’s something here that’s been warped and oblonged than man can’t bring back to the proper shape, but this angel will go to work out there and angels can maneuver things and man can’t do much about it because they’re invisible.” (Not man, angels. Make sure you understand that.) And the Lord said, “This thing is going to be put back into the right shape so that it’s proper and upright before the Lord.” And a breakthrough is coming to you! Relief! Say it everybody, “RELIEF!” is coming to you brother. Say it, “RELIEF!” is coming to you. Not a cease fire for this moment of time. No no no no no no no. A victory is coming to you to close this chapter of your life to shut this door once and for all so you can go on and have some nights where you sleep good. Let slumber come upon my brother. In the name of Jesus let him sleep, sleep, sleep. Let him sleep at night. Let his mind slow down. Let his nerves be stabilized and let him live that stable clear life that you’ve meant for him to live. I don’t care what the days gone past have done to him or said to him. I see his future and he has a breakthrough coming and has some of the freest years that he’s had yet. Raise our hand to him, pray for him.

Freedom. FREEDOM! And PEACE! In the name of Jesus.


Give the Lord a handclap everybody, hallelujah!