Prophecy through Gary Brooks 9/11/2000

Lord, I just thank you for Mark. And we bless Mark right now. And the Lord says, “Son, I’ve put a business mantle on your life.” And the Lord says, “I’m going to school you and I’m going to activate you. I’m going to season you. I’m going to have you in business association of relationships.” And the Lord says, “I’ve put a prophetic grace within you and a prophetic river. And you will prophesy the word.” And, yea, the Lord says, “You’re going to flow in the arts of drama and you’re going to dance before me. You’re going to be involved, you’re going to activate men and to be a warrior in expressive arts,” saith the Lord. And, yea, the Lord says, “I’m teaching you what it is to pray and hear and know my voice.” And the Lord says, “You’re going to be a voice of confirmation unto many.” Lord we bless him right now, in Jesus’ name.