While reading about a recent question concerning @@Identity and the reasons to use SCOPE_IDENTITY() instead I experimented with LINQ to get the SCOPE_IDENTITY() results. using (var dbc = new siteDataContext()) { dbc.Log = Console.Out; repertoire newSkill = new repertoire { skill = “a new item” }; dbc.repertoires.InsertOnSubmit(newSkill); dbc.SubmitChanges(); Console.Write(; } It seems that calling the… Continue reading SCOPE_IDENTITY() with LINQ

Working on Bible Verse Tags for ASP.NET (C#)

To do: build Regex to detect bible verses in tags put in named back-references find a way to choose different tables with LINQ make it work for an entire chapter add error messages move it to a class file instead of in the page run it from the filterText method if IndexOf(“[bible]”) !=-1 fix toVerse… Continue reading Working on Bible Verse Tags for ASP.NET (C#)