Web standards

Do not use markup for presentation

Tables are meant to be used for one thing and one thing only and that is the display of tabular data. Please, do not use tables for layout. It is much better left to CSS. Using tables for layout is a messy hack often used to “get pages to look the same in all browsers”. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work. Using tables for layout causes issues with accessibility and makes updates labor intensive. It also increases the size of your web pages which increases load time and bandwidth use.
Font definitions should be included in the CSS file so please throw the FONT tags on the trash heap and let’s move on to the 21st century. Using FONT tags also increases the size of your web pages which increases load time and bandwidth use (déjà vu?).

Web standards

Include a proper Doctype

You start your sentences with a capital letter; start your HTML with a DOCTYPE. It’s just basic grammar.Mark Pilgrim from Dive Into Accessibility

Using a complete doctype will switch your browser into standards mode. This will cause it to render the page exactly as you have instructed it (which may look awful but at least now you can point the finger at yourself and not the browser). Without a proper doctype your browser will switch to quirks mode or as I refer to it “amateur mode”. A proper doctype with an XML prolog will also cause some browsers (IE) to switch into quirks mode so do not add an XML prolog.

Web standards


Developing a website without validating is like running around with a blindfold on. As soon as you ask for directions, don’t be surprised if the only answer you’ll get is “take your blindfold off”.some guy named Jim

Validate your markup here
Validate your CSS here

Web standards

Build for Firefox

Firefox is a standards aware browser. The authors are actively involved in squashing bugs and making it work the way it should. When FF is switched to standards mode with a proper doctype everything works as expected.

Web standards

Hack for Internet Explorer

IE is the bane of every serious web designer. Some things you are going to want to look up are

  • peekaboo bug
  • line-height bug
  • guillotine bug
  • duplicate character bug
  • italics bug
  • double float margin bug
  • three pixel jog
  • escaping floats bug
  • creeping text bug

These are addressed at Position is Everything

Web standards

Ask for help

The steps before this one are necessary. Good clean code is hard enough to debug. Code with bunk markup and presentational hacks just throws more hay on top of your needle. Taking the steps above before asking for help shows that you are at least trying. To drive that point home here is one of Aesop’s fables:

Hercules and the Wagoneer

A delivery man was driving a wagon along a country lane, when the wheels sank down deep into a rut.

The old driver, dazed and confused, stood looking at the wagon. He did nothing but utter loud cries to Hercules to come and help him.

Hercules, it is said, appeared and thus addressed him: “Put your shoulders to the wheels, my man. Try with all your might to move the wagon back onto the road. Never pray to me for help, until you have done your best to help yourself, or depend upon it you will henceforth pray in vain.”

Moral: Self-help is the best help


Prophecy through Gary Brooks 11/19/02

Father, I just thank you for Mark. I thank you for my brother. Lord, we bless him right now.

The Lord says, “Son, I’ve been working in you and working on you.” And yea, the Lord says, “I’m working through you now greater than ever before.” And the Lord says, “I’m doing some finalizing in your life and I’m taking that screwdriver and I’m tightening down and making some adjustments.” And yea, the Lord says, “It’s like a torque wrench going on you.” And yea, the Lord says, “I’m removing some things out of you and I’m putting some new things within you. I’m taking out the old and some of the religious mindsets and past traditions.” And yea, the Lord says, “and I’m filling you up with new revelation.” And the Lord says, “Son, get ready because you’re getting ready to jump out into the river as never before and walk on the water.” And yea, the Lord says, “I’m going to raise you up in the house. I’m going to raise you up,” says the Lord, “with some business opportunities in these next few years to come. I’m just making the man right now. I’m stirring your heart with desires.” And yea, the Lord says, “the resources will be there and you love to sow and you love to give and you love to minister and you love to plant.” And yea, the Lord says, “the day comes when you’re going to have much substance to give and sow and plant.” And yea, the Lord says, “but now the word of knowledge that’s on the inside of you that ministry gift shall flourish.” And yea, the Lord says, “you’re going to dance, you’re going to rejoice, you’ll not just be a worshipper, but you’re going to be a wild warrior for me,” says the Lord. And yea, the Lord says, “the day comes when you’ll get out from behind the sound system and you will run the aisles and you will jump and leap and twirl and as you dance on the devils head victory is going to be released not only in your life but in the lives of others, and I’m making you like a Holy Ghost whirlwind,” says the Lord, “and you’re going to be a centrifugal force of my anointing,” says God. And yea, the Lord says, “the day comes when you teach and you exhort and you minister to men and you’re going to minister to my people,” saith God, “in ways that you thought that you weren’t even capable or qualified because I’ve called you, you’re qualified,” says the Lord.

Father we bless Mark in Jesus’ name. Thank you Lord. Thank you Lord. Amen.


Prophecy through Mark Barclay 8/12/2002

Mark! Powerful name. God bless our mothers. (That your mama? Good choice mom. Praise God.)

Uh, you know, I don’t know what your life has been like so much but you know some names are dangerous. You know Mark means “Mighty Hammer”, so hope you haven’t spent as many years as I have beating things and hammering things and going after things.

Mark, the Lord says, “Supernatural help from heaven is coming upon you now.” Now, don’t over-interpret this, but the Lord says, “An angel is being dispatched to deal with issues and circumstances, because there’s something here that’s been warped and oblonged than man can’t bring back to the proper shape, but this angel will go to work out there and angels can maneuver things and man can’t do much about it because they’re invisible.” (Not man, angels. Make sure you understand that.) And the Lord said, “This thing is going to be put back into the right shape so that it’s proper and upright before the Lord.” And a breakthrough is coming to you! Relief! Say it everybody, “RELIEF!” is coming to you brother. Say it, “RELIEF!” is coming to you. Not a cease fire for this moment of time. No no no no no no no. A victory is coming to you to close this chapter of your life to shut this door once and for all so you can go on and have some nights where you sleep good. Let slumber come upon my brother. In the name of Jesus let him sleep, sleep, sleep. Let him sleep at night. Let his mind slow down. Let his nerves be stabilized and let him live that stable clear life that you’ve meant for him to live. I don’t care what the days gone past have done to him or said to him. I see his future and he has a breakthrough coming and has some of the freest years that he’s had yet. Raise our hand to him, pray for him.

Freedom. FREEDOM! And PEACE! In the name of Jesus.


Give the Lord a handclap everybody, hallelujah!


Prophecy through Gary Brooks 9/11/2000

Lord, I just thank you for Mark. And we bless Mark right now. And the Lord says, “Son, I’ve put a business mantle on your life.” And the Lord says, “I’m going to school you and I’m going to activate you. I’m going to season you. I’m going to have you in business association of relationships.” And the Lord says, “I’ve put a prophetic grace within you and a prophetic river. And you will prophesy the word.” And, yea, the Lord says, “You’re going to flow in the arts of drama and you’re going to dance before me. You’re going to be involved, you’re going to activate men and to be a warrior in expressive arts,” saith the Lord. And, yea, the Lord says, “I’m teaching you what it is to pray and hear and know my voice.” And the Lord says, “You’re going to be a voice of confirmation unto many.” Lord we bless him right now, in Jesus’ name.


Prophecy through Mark Barclay 7/18/2000

Supernaturally, I’m going to penetrate the perimeters that Satan has built around your life. Get ready for me to break through, you’re looking for a breakthrough, but I’m telling you I’m going to break through. And I’m going to reach you right where you are at and there is not an evil spirit or all of them put together that can stop me!

My hand is on you to bless you, to grow you, to equip you, to anoint you and to make you the son that I’ve always wanted you to be. Your hearts in doing that, the Lord says, you’ve just had some major interruptions. And the Lord says he wants you to stop taking credit for most of them. Sure, you’ve blown it once or twice…who hasn’t? But the Lord says you’ve been victimized as much as you’ve done anything wrong. You’re not subject and responsible to what other people do that’s goofy. Did you hear me? I said goofy. Like in GOO-FY!

But the Lord says, your day of stabilization has come upon you. You’re going to pick your chin up, put your shoulders back and march like a soldier of the cross and obey me!

Here comes that anointing…give me 3 holy men to pray over this brother, c’mon…

[tongues] everybody pray, c’mon…

[tongues] yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, fix it and repair it. Advance and promotion. In his life/on him. In the name of Jesus, help him, help him Lord with tomorrow.

[tongues] In the name of Jesus…in the name of Jesus.


Prophecy through Gary Brooks 6/11/2000

Lord, I just thank you for Mark. Lay anointed hands on this man of God. We thank you, Lord, for what you’ve accomplished in his life.

And the Lord says, ‘Son, I’m giving you a financial grace. I’m giving you an economic/evangelistic anointing,’ says the Lord. ‘I’m giving you revelation and understanding in the realm of material blessings.’ And the Lord says, ‘You’re going to teach my people and feed my people. And I have put a crown of favor upon you, and wisdom and strategy and a spirit of excellency and I’m raising you up just like I did with Daniel and I did with Joseph,’ says the Lord. ‘And you’re going to teach revelation and you’re going to impart anointing unto my people. You’re going to teach them what it is to manage money and manage finances. And you’re going to put structure into their life and blessing into their life. And I’m going to have finances flowing into you and flowing through you,’ says the Lord. ‘And I am going to cause creative ideas to come in you.’ And, yea, the Lord says, ‘I’ve got business connections in your life that you don’t even know about that I’m going to work in you and through you,’ And the Lord says, ‘You’re going to associate and you’re going to relate to people in corporate executive positions as well.’ And the Lord says, ‘Because of your tenderness.’

And, yea, the Lord says, ‘You’re going to be involved in Christian business networks as well, and you’re going to pray.’ And, yea, the Lord says, ‘You’re going to be a vital tool in my kingdom, you’re going to prophesy the word of the Lord, you’re going to win souls into my kingdom,’ says the Lord. ‘You’re going to get people baptized in the Holy Ghost. Because I put you on the anvil and I’ve been making the man, and I’ve been preparing you, and I have chosen you out of the furnace of affliction for such a time as this.’ And the Lord says, ‘I’m raising you up to be a leader among my people, and a servants heart is getting ready to expand.’ And, yea, the Lord says, ‘The ministry of helps is going to come forth in your life, and you’re going to be an example unto many what it is to serve.’

And we bless Mark, Father. In Jesus’ name. Amen. Amen. Amen.